Fiction Featuring Activists

- FFA Fridays: an example of fiction centering activism, activists and social movements. - Activist Stereotype Unmasker critiques - Reflections on full and fair representation of activists in fiction - Calls for activist writers to share and create more fiction, in all genres, depicting the full range of activist reality.

Today is a powerful witching day, Friday the 13th, in this month of May honoring the world’s workers, as well as mothers and peace, and the witches…
Tales of Struggle for, by, and about Activists
Eleven guesses why social justice activism rarely appears in our novels and movies
This Friday’s Earth Day edition of Fiction Featuring Activists is a children’s book told from the viewpoint of a young Indigenous girl. The young…
A Cuban union activist struggles to be herself
Fiction Featuring Activists Fridays - April 8
Julie and her best friend, Ivy, find a sick baby owl in Golden Gate Park. They take it to a wildlife rescue center and are told it may have pesticide…
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