Saw this happen yesterday in Lisbon .... a small thing, but made me think of you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1yzjsbjFWY

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Striking read! Conjures similar sentiments I expressed in ‘War-Free’, though your commentary is far more in depth. Have the knowledge a few of us are unabashedly ‘pacifist’, as I wrote in “Is a promotion a character check?” I wish war on no one, and glad to learn we are in good company.

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A tweet:

#Ukriane it is so sad

#StopWar of men mad

#Putin will be buried with gold

#PutinWarCriminal it will turn to mold

#TheGodmother should had seen

#TheGodson was so mean

she could have given him #timeout

So world wouldn’t be #burnedout

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May 28, 2022Liked by Juliana Barnet

I love the way you point to a system controlled by and profitting the rich rather than just accuse individual poliiticos of injustice.

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Jul 30, 2022Liked by Juliana Barnet

Good essay!

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