…that I have been reliably informed that Friday evenings are the absolute worst time to publish! Unless maybe it’s a guide to the best drinks, snacks…

May 2022

Bad pollen allergy kept me from posting this yesterday. But I did participate in the podcast Labor Goes to the Movies, talking about Activist Explorer…
Plus: It's FFA Friday the 13th with the Factory Witches of Lowell
Today is a powerful witching day, Friday the 13th, in this month of May honoring the world’s workers, as well as mothers and peace, and the witches…
Tales of Struggle for, by, and about Activists

April 2022

Eleven guesses why social justice activism rarely appears in our novels and movies
Which way will we go?
This Friday’s Earth Day edition of Fiction Featuring Activists is a children’s book told from the viewpoint of a young Indigenous girl. The young…
I Won’t Pay for War No More In the US, where I live, half of our tax dollars are devoted to the military— This constitutes over a third of the entire…
A Cuban union activist struggles to be herself
Fiction Featuring Activists Fridays - April 8
Activists are often accused of being idealistic, unrealistic fools. Sure, people say, it would be lovely to have peace, justice, community, equality…