I'm not sure I can agree that generally capitalism creates voices in the head. I think in this particular case it's more corporatism, unchecked state sponsored cronyism, and propaganda in this case. That being said, I think we all have a nagging voice and it applies itself to various endeavors. From art to sports to business, many of us have to wrestle with the spirit of fear of failure or criticism. I call mine the Mean Coach. He actually wants what's best but can be harsh. Then there's Mr. F*ck It who says "just give up." Then there's ghosts of others whose voices become one & say all kinds of silly things to make me doubt.

Sometimes fighting back isn't the answer. Like picking through rocky soil to find gold, at times I just passively listen to see what the doubting voices have to teach. Maybe the lesson is I need to slow down before jumping on another cause or bandwagon. Sometimes the doubt is saying "no not this project this time." That mean coach is often asking "who do you think you are?" And this is good because I need to assess why I'm doing something and what the costs/benefits are to my personhood, family, and home.

Or else sometimes I just say back to the voice; no, you're an asshole and I can make this happen. Then the lesson is to embrace & enhance my capabilities. And in spite of the negativity, that voice of challenge helped me get there.

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Slow down, breathe deep; literally consider the lilies of the field: 'there is nothing in Living Nature that is not connected to the whole' ( Geothe)

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Julie, I have a lot to say here! I think you should do an interview series on this exact question with people who have strategies we use for this, and collect them, maybe create a book you can sell of them! Note that you asked us how we do it--you didn't include _how_ you do it, your own strategies!

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